The club holds several competitions during the year, some internal and some open to other archers.

All internal competitions are free to enter and are always fun!

Competitions currently held by the club are as follows:

Indoor champs – normally held in March.

Andy Harris for Recurves (3 dozen arrows at 15 yards on a 40cm target), Bray for Compounds and Half Portsmouth for Juniors.

Mid summer American – held in July on a Saturday.

American (thirty arrows at 60 yards, thirty arrows at 50 yards and thirty arrows at 40 yards, with shorter distances for juniors subject to age).

Club Championships – held at the end of August.

Gentlemen shoot a St George (3 dozen at 100 yards, 3 dozen at 80 yards, 3 dozen at 60 yards).
Ladies shoot an Albion (3 dozen at 80 yards, 3 dozen at 60 yards, 3 dozen at 50 yards).
Juniors shoot the 9 dozen round (Windsors) applicable to their age and Gender.

Bent Stick championships: October.

Entrants must use a one piece wooden bow with wooden arrows.

Gents – Western (4 dozen at 60 yards and 4 dozen at 50 yards)
Ladies – Short Western (4 dozen at 50 yards and 4 dozen at 40 yards)
Juniors – Appropriate Western round for their age/gender.

Compound championships: October.


Long Metric.

Annual fun event usually held in June where we use club bows and arrows with no sights.

Open competitions

Junior Invitation – Held on a Saturday in mid May.

Clubs from all over the South East are invited to bring their juniors to compete in a team competition which is free to enter.

National type relevant to age group.

Essex Air ambulance Benefit shoot – Held in April over two days (Sat/Sun).

Double-Double FITA 70m/50m (12 dozen arrows at 70 metres). Junior and senior categories for all bow types catered for.

W.E.B Open – Held early August.

FITA 1440 & Metric 1-3

Indoor open – Held early November

Portsmouth (5 Dozen arrows at 20 yards on a 60cm target), Junior and senior categories for all bow types catered for.